Monday, July 18, 2011

Friends with babyfits

Okay... our friends' babies don't actually throw fits. They're pretty adorable in fact and we like hanging out with them.

Born at 2.2 pounds, we loved Shepherd Immanuel Janis from the moment he arrived!


It was so great to meet him in person before he struck out to Kansas City with mom and dad. Hopefully we'll see you guys again soon, maybe next time we're cruising through Missouri!


Another new little friend Sophie Sewell got to meet up with Evan today. She won him over with her cute smile and affinity for Evan's shiny Aggie Ring. As shown in this picture its apparent that she's made new friends with Goodpasture, too.


Yay for babies! Babies that... aren't ours. For now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What have we got for them today, Bob?

...a new car!

We bought a Subrau Forester a while back. It was the first "new car" for us in a long time. We decided it was time to have one vehicle be more reliable to give peace of mind for long trips. We looked at a lot of cars, which was fun! We ended up just really liking this car the most and with its size, it was most logical to replace Evan's truck.

The purchase date!

"Honey, I'm home!"


Bye Tacoma. We'll miss you.

More posts to follow. Sometime soon. Promise.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

We're back!

Its been a long time coming. My work's busy season is finally wrapping up and so I can get back to blogging! The last post was in August. My bad. Here's a brief recap on whats happened since then:

-We bought a house! We love it. I suppose a separate post on this should follow.

Da house

-We took a weekend trip to Little Rock. We ate at a lot of great local places (mmmm Whole Hog), rode bikes along the river, went for a hike on Pinnacle Mountain, walked along the River Market, and saw the famous marching Peabody Ducks. It was fun!

Pinnacle Mountain

-We went to a Rangers playoff game against the Yankees. We won! It was the most fun I've had at a baseball game. And seeing a game at Fenway is hard to beat!

Rangers Game

-We saw Tiffany Derry at a Farmer's Market cooking class! She is adorable. I still cheer for her on Top Chef All Stars. AND she taught us that we liked beets. Its hard to tell in this picture, but thats the same room as where we had our rehearsal dinner.

Cooking class

-We had our first halloween in years where we weren't in an apartment! Not too many kids stopped by though. Sad face. What WASN'T a sad face was Evan's great pumpkin carving design.


-RIP L. John Gable. We love you!

-My parents came to visit for Thanksgiving. We won an organic turkey off the internet! Before we went to Temple for the big meal, we went to the Gaylord in Grapevine and met Bill and Nikki and the boys and went to see Ice. It was Snoopy themed this year! We brought Rooney to Temple and Mema loved him and kept calling him an Oreo dog.


-We had a great Christmas in Mineral Wells and St. Louis. We love seeing the family!


-We built a new bed! I always wanted an upholstered bed and it was fun to shop for Ikea and fabric and put it together. It took a whole Saturday but we love the results!

New Bed

-We had a snowpacolypse! Tons of snow over the course of two weeks. We were able to work from home, but I'll admit that after a while we had a little cabin fever. We missed out on doing some Super Bowl festivities because of the bad weather, so we didn't really get to experience that much of that while it was in town. But, we did get a chance to see Dane Cook and be downtown for that during that weekend.


-We went to Top Golf for Evan's birthday. We had a lot of fun! Rooney inspired me to get Evan a sketch of Rooney during his night job.

Super Rooney

Those are a few of the hilights that I can think of right now (that has pictures associated with them, anyway). If anything else comes to mind I'll be sure to post. We'll be back!